Surfari Pals Marketing, LLC Refund Policy

Surfari Pals Marketing, LLC has a policy of no refunds on subscriptions purchased.

Full description of the products/services offered together with their prices:
The Introductory Kit Includes:
• Introductory letter to the kids
• Instruction letter to their Surf Instructor
• 24×36 inch goals poster
• How to Become a Surfari Pal workbook
• Certificate of Awesomeness
• Official Surfari Pal sticker
• Surfari Pals bracelet
• Surfboard cookie cutter
• Sugar cookie recipe card and instructions book
• Motto memory card and
• Surfari Pals waterproof backpack

Monthly Kits Include:
• Letter to the kids
• Surfari Pals character workbook
• Certificate of Awesomeness
• Surfari Pal character sticker
• Craft
• Other special prize

Choose Your Subscription Plan

Each plan includes the Introductory Kit and subsequent monthly Character Kits. All prices are in US Dollars (USD).

12 Months $12.95 Per Month
One time payment of $155.40 + shipping (Saves you $24)

6 Months $13.95 Per Month
One time payment of $83.70 + shipping

Monthly $14.95 Per Month
One time payment of $14.95 + shipping

For your convenience, subscription plans automatically renew. The renewal can be canceled anytime.

Our average sales ticket will be $90. This is based on out of every 1,000 customers, 500 purchase a year subscription, and 500 purchase a month-to-month subscription.

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