How it works

The most fun you'll ever have teaching your kids to be awesome!!!


Give your kids the edge to stand out!

Surfari Pals gives your kids the competitive edge they need to stand out. They will learn to “Serve, say, and do things until they really feel awesome!” They will learn:

  • social etiquette
  • home skills
  • manners
  • teamwork
  • serving others
  • the importance of kindness

You will feel awesome about providing your children with the tools they need to stand out today, and excel tomorrow.

New lessons every month!

Month after month your child gets a new lesson, game, craft, and video link in the mail.

When they complete their goal sheet, you get to reward them with a  “Certificate of Awesomeness” and a sticker to place on their goal setting poster.


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Starter Kits

Each Starter Kit Includes:


Introductory letter to the kids
Instruction letter to their Surf Instructor
24×36 inch goals poster
“How to Become a Surfari Pal” workbook
Certificate of Awesomeness
Official Surfari Pal Sticker
Surfari Pals bracelet
Surfboard cookie cutter
Sugar cookie recipe
Motto Memory Card
Surfari Pals Waterproof Backpack

Monthly Kits Include:


Letter to the Kids
Surfari Pals character workbook
Certificate of Awesomeness
Surfari Pals character sticker
a video link to a lesson
a game or prize
and more!

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